I’m not in competition with Wendy Shay – Fantana

I’m not in competition with Wendy Shay – Fantana

Fantana, the latest member of the Ruff Town Records Music Label, says she is not in competition with Wendy Shay.

Social Media entertainment critics believe Fantana will be a competition for Wendy Shay and that may take the attention off her.

But Fantana in an interview with Chris Vincent mentioned that there exists no competition between them because they both have different aspirations in life and therefore are charting different paths when it comes to music.

She mentioned that the relationship between her and Wendy Shay is cordial and will continue to be cordial in order for the growth of their careers.

Fantana who is gradually winning the heart of Ghanaians mentioned that Wendy Shay is a senior in the music game and she will continue to learn more from her in order to better her act.